To Be

by LessThanAMinute

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We started work on this album inspired by the book MUTANT MESSAGE DOWN UNDER, and an unusual instrument called the WORLD STICK, which was given to us by a Norwegian guitar player Roger Ludvigsen. Even though the World Stick originates from a country very far away from ours, and is used for summoning good spirits, it resembles an instrument called ŠARGIJA which originates from the Balkans. This unique sound is present in all our songs.

A lot of musicians "left" their samples to work with; brass, violins, vocals, ethnic samples from Balkans...
Anything that struck us musically or emotionally found it's place in our songs. We spent some time experimenting with all kind of musicians on stage in a club in Zagreb in a way that nothing was predefined, accept instrument played and that the session is on Fridays :-). Valent played guitar and Konrad played bass, their root instruments. Every session they called someone new to play with, so there were drummers, vocalists, MC`s, didgeridoo and saxophone players, was great fun!

After some time vocalist Mario joined the project. Mario is a singer who just walks in a vocal booth and sings the right thing. When he wasn't working on a gas station, he was in the studio singing. After some studio sessions we felt that the time has come to make an album with all the bits and peaces we collected. The songs were made from the first take (lessthanaminute), but it toke us more than 3 years of studio work to get them polished and perfected to our liking.

We try to find that LessThanAMinute moment which represents a moment of true energy flow between us and the audience. A moment which never lasts a long time, but You remember it mostly your whole life. Like when you see a girl (or a boy:-) go by and he/she sees you, you say nothing to each other, but you know that he/she is thinking of you those few moments. Maybe you want remember the moment each day, maybe not in a week or a month, but it comes back to you sometimes and you're glad to remember that moment.


released February 13, 2010

Mix: T. Hleb, K. Lovrencic, V. Samardžija
Producer: V. Samardžija
Studio: ViBRa Zagreb
Design: G. Raukar
Vocal: M. Huljev
Programing, playing bass, sinths, editing: K. Lovrencic
Programing, playing world stick, guitar and synths , editing: V. Samardžija
Drums, Akai MPC: J. Novoselic
Sample vocal on Traveling to Istria: T. Obrovac
Strings on Let you know: B. Urlic
Back vocals on Closer to the light: A. Kuljanic, D. Mihaljevic
Trumphet on Heart is where it hurts the most: Z. Bajevic, A. Gecek
In the song FILDJAN we've used a sample of a woman from Sarajevo, singing and producing
musical sounds on a coffee cup and saucer, recorded in 1970.




LessThanAMinute Zagreb, Croatia

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Track Name: Closer To The Light

Seems to me
That your love's for real
Your sweet lips whisper it so slow
So easily our souls collide
I got his feeling that i knew you all along

Right on right on you gotta hold me thrill me heal me

So insatiable i become when my secret place
You release my rebel side of the heart
Lead me to a corner where i have no choice I will rejoice

Closer to the light
Ever dreamin' of something so divine
Closer to the sun
And an endless feeling from inside
Track Name: Nobody Knows
With a voice that howls
I live in the sound
And breath for the strong beat that pounds

I have no name
But I live for the flame
A moment that makes us all real

Can anybody feel it
Nobody knows

Feeling high and low
At the same time
Suffering and feeling relief

I yearn so long
To move you with a song
And stay as a tune in your mind

Can anybody feel it
Nobody knows

Will i stay
Till the end of time
As a mere reflection on the wall?
Or will i find sweet lovin' kind
Embracing me setting me free?

Nobody knows, nobody knows
Track Name: Dumb Blind Frozen
Love is like a flower
It grows within
The one who wants
Sharing with anyone who feels
A need to live

Time will slowly show
If we are strong
To breath as one
And find ourselves
Right on the path
Of an opened heart

How come i can't see that I'm so lucky
Dreams are always ready to become real
Yet I simply turn my head around
Well I'm so dumb blind and frozen

Fight steal lie cheat or die
Materialized demoralized all the way
Aggression, possession, need to destroy
More you hate, more you'll be forlorn`ed
Track Name: Let You Know
Every time I loose my mind
I know the reason why
When you pass me by
My heart get's wild
Cause I've seen you in my dreamin' time

That's why I want to
And I need to let you know
Well I got to, you're all I'm hoping for

If I was blind and could not see
I know that you would set me free
Even if I was a stranger to you
It would be enough for me

Anyway, close or far
20 hours or just one bar
I'll keep it straight, never pretend
Cause there is nothing this love can't mend

These days
There is a new reality
Everything important can happen
In one second of time and change the course of your destiny
Don't you wanna be free – i know that I do
Track Name: Try To Believe
Numerous occasions walk through this life
Only thing you can rely upon
Beautiful imagination always rises up to the top
If your sight is clear
You try to believe
And make an exception
For beautiful changes
They come in this life
The only thing that matters
Is to believe in your senses
Try to stay alive by the only thing that keeps you awake
Anything that causes pain will deliver you grace at the end of the way

Now the only thing that riddles me
Is how to stay forever
Do we die?
Or do we dance after

Riding on the wings of passion time lets you give yourself away
In the silent army of spiritual soldiers fighting for the brighter day

Try to believe